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SurferQuest_Biz_CenterFor those in the hospitality industry, a well-appointed, secure business center is more than a luxury, it's an expectation.

With a variety of turnkey hardware options, SurferQuest™'s Business Center kiosk software is the ideal solution for any public access space.

Easy to install, SurferQuest™ lets you offer Guests access to familiar applications to securely: Communicate with friends & family, log into social media, conduct business & financial transactions, or anything else, in the safety of your business center or in the privacy of their room.

When a Guest's session is complete, SurferQuest™'s "End Session" protection restores the system back to its original state and erases all residual personal data, downloads and other information.

This keeps the system safe from viruses, malware/spyware or malicious attempts to hack into the computer, and provides peace-of-mind that personal information is safe from identity theft, data harvesting or any other manner of personal information infringement.

Whether utilized as a complimentary service or to raise additional revenue, SurferQuest™ is sure to raise your level of Guest's satisfaction.

Thanks to SurferQuest™'s Support options, no on-site IT maintenance is required.

With SurferQuest™ Revenue Sharing options, there are no hardware costs to the location (for qualifying locations).

Contact us today to find out what SurferQuest™ can do for your business.

Select Features

• User-friendly, familiar desktop design and applications allow quick & easy navigation

• Customizable to bolser brand identity

• Offer as a complimentary or pay service

• No on-site server required

• Security features guard against hackers, viruses, malware, and other harmful content

• Live 24/7 Support

• Purchase or Revenue Share programs available

Services & Industries
• Hotels & Resorts
• Airports, Bus & Train Stations
• Casinos
• Convention Centers
• Hospitals & Medical Facilities
• Rest Areas & Travel Centers
• Schools & Universities
• Sports Complexes

SurferQuest™ Revenue Sharing Partnership

Partnering with SurferQuest™ is a great way to let us handle this part of your business while having the added benefit of an additional revenue stream for your location.

We supply the equipment and staff to support the systems and you are able to offer guests a secure, comfortable place to conduct business, keep up on e-mail, and more.

Find out more about SurferQuest™ Revenue Sharing.

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